m a r i s a watanabe
enthusiast of typography, design history, design education / education design, 2000s emo, reading, "junk coding", native plants, being cynical of social/new media, and other various things
more about me
i am a design educator + practicing designer in the south nj area. i am a first-generation japanese, chinese-indonesian american and enjoy questioning everything and the small wins in life.
lecturer of art at rowan university
freelance designer (web; ux/ui; branding; books)
more info on my CV
why do you list the storage size of each page?
i think it's a cool metric. also each time you access a site, you burn energy (higher file size = higher energy cost to view). learn more from low←tech magazine or from laura u. marks
((if you didn't notice, this metric is listed in the footer of each page; it includes all html/css/embedded files on the respective page))
((each page < 3.00MB))
((the total size of entire website = XXMB))
what's your social media?
i have a linkedin out of sheer obligation and do not have any other relevant places for you to follow me on.
here are some completely unrelated links instead: why do we interface?; hyper-reality; best friend; low←tech magazine
what is "junk coding"?
a name i came up with for my methodology of coding. which is looking at a lot of open source repositories, puzzling it together, and then thinking about how i can take what i know and have some fun ((i.e. the gradient hover/mini-game at my home page + footers)). AKA: i am actually not good at coding, but have learned how to throw things together
my whole site is cobbled together using bootstrap.css and my limited knowledge of html/css. don't ask me to code custom websites ((but i can help with website builders!))